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The Book I Never Knew Existed

So, I went to the Library about a week ago with no thought in mind other than to kill some time in one of my favorite places, and to leave with something good I could curl up on the couch with.
I found the most amazing thing!
Well, two amazing things actually, the second being a books sale where all the books were a quarter…I spent two dollars and had to make room on my bookcase when I went home.
I never go to the library with a book in mind, because I often find a jewel, and that day I found the best. thing. ever.
A little backstory.  When I was about five, my dad came home with a VCR and a tape from the rental store in town.  It was the first VHS I had ever seen, and remains one of my favorite movies still.
The Last Unicorn, (Story by by Peter S. Beagle.)
The movie enchanted me.  If you haven’t seen it, watch it.  I made all my kids watch it at least once, along with The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.  It came out in 1982 and remains a beautiful artistic film that evidently scared some children.  I was enamored with it.  I recently read a review on the film, and it really captured the strangeness of the story and beauty of the animation.  You should check it out here.  Also, the soundtrack is phenomenal!
You can get The Enchanted Edition multi format Blu-ray/DVD from Amazon.  It has some special features, and is $14.65 right now!  Definitely worth the price.
I knew it was a film, but I never knew it was a book!  I was young enough that I didn’t know that books often preceded films.  By the time I did realize this I never thought to look for the book version of the movie.
Well, I finally found it and curled up with a cup of cocoa, a blanket, and my pup while sitting outside this cool autumn day.
I loved this book.  The movie pulled everything from the book, but the inner dialogue and imagery brought it to  life in a way I didn’t think possible.  There were beautiful descriptions of the Unicorn, and Lady Almathea that were more striking than they were able to animate.  The interaction and character development between the characters were enveloping.  Even after having seen the movie multiple times, I was drawn into the story the entire time, to the point my surroundings fell away.  I loved the back-story on Schmendrick too, I always wondered why the magic came to him on occasion but wasn’t readily available.  There are no spoilers here, so go read the book and find out where the magic came from.
In short, if you’ve never read the book, you have to read the book!
If you don’t like to read, or just have never seen the movie, it’s really very good, and a good watch for the family.  It’s available (as of 9/27/18) on Amazon Prime video.
The book should be available at your local library, or for purchase on Amazon.
This one is available for $19.95 from Amazon, and it is the special commemorative edition celebrating the book’s 50th anniversary.

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