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chickens. chickens everywhere

Chickens. Chickens Everywhere.

chickens.  chickens everywhere.  A collage of chickens
chickens. chickens everywhere

How it Began

About two years ago I decided I wanted chickens. My husband was on board (which was good, as I knew I couldn’t build a coop all on my own). We built a coop and bought 6 chicks. Three ISA Browns, and 3 Buff Orpingtons.

Baby chicken around three weeks of age
One of our many baby chickens, around three weeks of age.

We researched what size coop we needed, and began building. Our first coop can hold 12 regular adult laying hens. They have 4 perches, nesting boxes, room to run around, a place for food and water, and windows at perch level. You know, in case they want to look outside sometimes. We watched them grow, and after 2 months or so they went into their new home.

During my “chicken education”, I read blogs, watched videos, and amassed an embarrassingly large amount of pins from Pinterest on the subject, which helped me learn a new term.

Chicken Math

Chicken math? What? It seems to be a joke about how you want one chicken, go to buy three, and come home with six. Meaning you can never have enough chickens.

I laughed!

How could you just keep buying chickens?! I mean, after a while you run out of room…

Well, Within a year that’s just what I did. I ran out of room.

Chicken Coops in Progress
Photo of our 3 coops, during the building process of the additional two chicken coops.

I now have 3 coops, two are attached. I have paired down my flock in some attempt to keep it under control, and I am happy to announce that I currently only have 21 chickens.

Yes. ONLY 21 chickens!

My buffs and ISA’s are gone, as are most of my silkies. I have 5 Polish Crested/Silkie mixes, 1 polish crested, 10 silkies, 1 black wyandote, 2 easter eggers, and 1 plymouth rock. I recently gave away 2 barred rocks, 2 buffs, and 5 silkies.

Silkie mama with babies! Hershey is here with two of her baby chicks.
Here’s Hershey with her last brood of chicks. She’s my favorite silkie, and a great mama.

I have a broody Silkie hen named Hershey and I am looking forward to some new chicks any day now. Silkies will start sitting on eggs at the drop of a hat! We’ve now separated out our roosters because we have run out of room for any more surprise additions. The eggs Hershey is sitting on will be the last of our chicks.

That being said, anyone looking for an addition to their flock?

Squeaker, Silkie Rooster
Squeaker, Silkie Rooster

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